Keeping (Too) Busy

It was an excruciatingly long week. Ran the book fair at school. Helping bottle almost litres of syrup. Picking up slack while Hubby boils. But…the snow is really melting. Some very Springlike days were wonderful. Read More

Spring-Like Actions

Maple syruping season is finally here. The snow has really been melting. Truly wish for warmer temps now. We had rain today, a lot. Helped parents with their flooded crawl space. Rain and ice can do that! Read More

Here Comes The Spring

It rained! First time in months. So happy it was not snow!! Last week saw tons of snowmobiling… 300 kilometres worth to be exact. Glad Hubby decided to get one… Next winter should be rather fun! Read More

March Break In Six Word Snippets

Started with lunch with a friend. Broke my nose in the afternoon. Painting pottery with a few coworkers. Postponed shopping trip because of weather. Cleaned and donated a whole lot! Cross border shopping trip on Friday!     Read More


When most people would be sleeping, I am tossing and turning and the little hamster in my brain refuses to get off the damn wheel! I thought I’d share with you what that bloody hamster had me thinking about last night…ironically enough on the eve before the internet turned 25 years old! (By the way, Read More

Bring It!

March Break started out pretty well. Met a friend for some tea. The weather was absolutely the best… well considering it is still winter. Hubby got a new snowmobile Thursday… We’re hoping for some weekend riding! Read More

Broken Record

I used to be a winter person, I really did. I used to ski every. single. day. Heck I even taught skiing at one point. The Husband and I met at. a. ski. resort! I have no idea when my love of winter changed, but it has. I nearly loathe winter now. Don’t get me Read More

Malware, Spyware and All The Other Fun Stuff

So smalltime blogger me, seems to have become a target of some wonderful crawlers and malware aficionados! There is no guarantee that you guys won’t see that wonderful “additional” content that some of you have been seeing along with my posts – goodness knows I have done everything I can to get rid of that Read More

I’m Ready For Break

March Break is four workdays away And we are all very ready. I’m it is mostly weather related. Seriously is anyone still enjoying winter? I’m looking forward to relaxing some… And doing as little as possible! If you are seeing any additional “material” Elaine made me aware of it…I have no clue. I’m going through Read More

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