Fun Filled Cold Weekend

There was snow Thursday!! I’m just not ready for that. At some places south of here it was snowing so hard you could barely see. Whoever told me that October was going to be warmer than normal and that kids would be wearing shorts on Halloween…well, they were smoking something really good I think! It’s Read More

Is There A Point?

So I had a coupon to try the new flavoured instant coffee at Starbucks.  The fact that I actually used the coupon is kind of funny.  First, I don’t even like coffee…love the smell, but the taste, ick!  And…coffee puts me to sleep.  Yes, yes, it does!  That said, I bought myself a package of Read More

Another Random Week

Why is that even though I know what’s coming it still makes me upset?  We (Hubby and I) like to watch Deadliest Catch every Tuesday.  I think we’ve actually watched the show since the very beginning.  Last Tuesdays episode was the beginning of the end and I found myself with tears in my eyes.  If Read More

Proud Canadian – Despite My Governments Best Efforts

So the last time I posted the Canadian government had all but dropped to “Own The Podium” initative and said the money wouldn’t likely be there to continue funding our athletes.  It still bothers me that this was said, in the middle of the Olympics no less.  Nothing like defeating our athletes before the compete!  Read More

Photo Friday – Toronto Zoo

Okay, so by the clock I am a little bit late with today’s submission, but since I haven’t gone to sleep yet it’s still Friday to me. So there.  Actually, I was really sure what to post as I have not transferred pictures from one computer to the next.  I was going through the pics Read More

Casey Anthony Connection – Her Dream Team

I never thought I’d be able to say this, not that I ever wanted to, but I have a personal connection to the Casey Anthony murder trial. Although some people may not find this to a be a good thing, to me it is actually pretty cool to be able to say this.  Back in Read More

Photo Friday – Orillia Airshow

First of all, yesterday was the last day of school and I had a blast with my students.  We planned on having a balloon/water fight and I wasn’t really sure if it would happen because of some really bad weather that was potentially heading our way.  As it turned out the weather (2 tornados hit Read More

Another School Year Ends

Tomorrow is the last day of another school year (for the students, we have Friday as a staff).  Summer finally hit and it has been so hot that it has almost been unbearable.  So of course, we decided today would be a great day for a staff/grade eight baseball game…in the heat of the afternoon. Read More

Just Call Me Yogurt

Come on, it’s a good title, think of the “culture” I have been writing about the past two posts.  And it made me giggle when I thought of it. I have continued with my whirlwind cultural education again last night.  My friend and I attended the Il Divo concert last night at the ACC in Read More