Finally, the long weekend is here!

Finally, it feels like summer weather!

Finally bought a Mac last month.

Finally feel like getting gardening done.

Finally NASCAR All-star is on tonight.

Finally…will you join the fun?

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Ahhh! Long Weekend!

For those of you not living in Canada you may  not know that this weekend is the officially the first long weekend of summer. That’s not to say that summer vacation or anything starts, I still have another 5 weeks before I can enjoy that.  It is however the Victoria Day weekend, also known as the May 2-4, because I’m a Canadian don’t you know. ;)

The holiday Monday started as a way of honouring a long dead monarchy – Queen Victoria.  It is now a weekend that for many means a the trek to the cottage, the drive to the beach or simply relaxing and working at home.  For me, it will be the latter.  Depending on what the weather actually does, it means I will either be catching up on school work, or trying to get some gardening done.  I can honestly tell you that I am aiming for the gardening part!

Speaking of gardening (those of you who are coming from New Friend Friday have likely seen this)…I now know what  can do with all the K-cups I have from our Keurig coffeemaker.  Which, by the way, I love!  The Girl Creative shared this little guest post Thursday and I love this idea.  I have planted seeds with my students in the past and spent the money on the planters for them.  This is great, because not I can have an almost endless supply of planters from something I am already using.  What a great idea!

Due to meetings and track and field…I ended up teaching 150 minutes this week.  That is just nuts!  I have to give my students credit, they have done a pretty good job considering the fact that the week has been so crazy for them.  I’m looking forward to the fact that I shouldn’t really be out of the classroom (any more than normal) much over the last few weeks.  I’m actually looking forward to this.

Perhaps, I will also mention that it is Hubby’s birthday today!  Yes, I know, buried deep down in the post, but he doesn’t like to celebrate birthdays much.  I ordered a cake for him…a yummy, yummy cake from a local bakery/tourist attraction (yes, this place draws people to town like you wouldn’t believe!).

It also happens to be the birthday of a friend of mine – Happy Birthday Kerri!

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A Bowl of Cereal With Ants

We have had an ant problem for weeks now.  I don’t know why this year, but I can tell you that it is driving me completely nuts.  At first I was all nicey, nicey about it and threw them outside.  Now, I flick them to the floor and happily tap my toe on them.  Don’t judge me please, it’s just that it is getting that bad and has gone on that long.  We have tried all sorts of things, short of getting someone to spray the kitchen, which I’d really rather not do (more on that in a minute).

I reached the end of my patience on Saturday.  I went to get myself a bowl of cereal (I eat breakfast bars throughout the week because I can’t eat when I first get up).  I really enjoy my bowl of cereal on Saturday morning.  I thought I had rolled the packaging enough to be able to keep the ants out, but when I went to open the first box, I found ants, several, a few, I didn’t count, inside the bag!  Grrr!  I was really looking forward to my Brown Sugar Mini Wheats.  Alas, that was not to happen.  I grabbed down the box of Raisin Bran, which was rolled even better.  At first glance things were looking good, it looked like a bowl of cereal was in my future.  I unrolled the bag, took a look inside and all looked fine…until…I saw one lone ant crawling around.  I don’t know about you, but I just couldn’t do it. I could not eat that box of cereal either.

What’s ridiculous though?  I completely forgot to put the milk that I bought last night in the fridge…until this morning.  Anyone ever drank milk that had been left out that long?  The milk was not warm, but had been out for about 10 hours.  Several websites said it should be perfectly fine, but I thought I’d ask you guys for your input before I went about looking/smelling/tasting it.

Back to the ant story…the reason I am hesitant to spray the kitchen, aside from the obvious, it’s the kitchen is because I remember visiting my grandparent’s condo in Florida and we were often there for spray day.  I always found the ants interesting when I was down there…because their condo was on something around the 29th floor.  How on earth do that many ants get that high up there??  On spray down, we always made sure we were out of the condo for the entire day.  Really, as a kid I couldn’t complain.  Being forced to spend the day at the beach, oh that is just too painful! :)

As an adult, these ants are just ticking me off!

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Georgian Bay Sunset

My iPhone just didn’t do this sunset justice…I really need to remember to travel with my camera more often.

I hope you’ll check out the rest of the people joining in on this weeks Wordless Wednesday!

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Today’s Randomness is Brought to You By…

the words covet and drool (and something new…at the bottom)!

Saturday was cold, but Sunday was so awesome!  That didn’t mean I didn’t spend my fair share of time surfing around the internet.  I’ve taken to calling it the “snowball effect” where you start on one blog and click through to another one on someone else’s favourites list.  (I used to do my research in university the same way…when there was no internet…find an article, look at references, find more articles – do students know how much easier research is for them now?! But I digress.)

Have you seen this website…

I love designing my dream home and this site is just, well, drool!  How cool is this?  Needless to say I could spend silly amounts of time just hanging out here.

I borrowed this photo…

What is this, you may ask?  It is a closet library!  I love this idea, so very much.  Of course in order to do this I would need a closet you could actually step into but a girl can dream.  Having a closet like this would certainly get rid of the piles of books stacked all over the house…and that would make Hubby very happy.

I think this may be on the list of things to look for whenever we may go house hunting in the future.  Not that we are planning on hunting any time soon.


Now that I have covered the covet and drool section…on to some more randomness.

I went to a symposium today.  Doesn’t that sound all professional or something.  The day was pretty good…getting to see action research being done in the classroom.  I know people may think that is a snorefest, but me, I love that stuff.  My thesis for my undergrad was completely statically based so I enjoyed the day for the mental engagement I received.  Not all the break-outs I attended were great, but it does a lot to boost me up for the next 30 days.  That’s it!  That’s all there are left of the school year.  29 for the kids.  Less than six weeks.  Holy crap…where has it gone.

You know what else I didn’t like about today…getting out of bed this morning.  I know, I know, sleep seems to be a ever-present theme for me, to the point I decided to give it it’s own category, but hear me out.  I’m one of those sick people who gets out of bed at 7:30 a.m. and is out the door about 45 mins later (and in the winter that includes stoking the fire…at this time of year, it just means I’m slow-poking or spending too much time on here).  I allowed myself the luxury of ten extra minutes and got my sorry butt out of bed at 6:10 a.m.  And as Hubby so lovingly pointed out…”see, there is more than one 6 o’clock hour in the day!”  Love you Honey, but :P !  I’m aware of this, I just don’t tend to want to see it.  That said, although I am tired as I write this, I ended up getting a bunch of stuff done when I got home.  I’m not expecting this to become a trend, but it worked for today at least.


I want a butter bell.  I’ve been wanting one for ages now, but saw one on a website, this one actually (check her out…if you’re into home renos) and it reminded me that I want one.  I checked Ebay, but the shipping to these here parts is ridiculous.  I guess I’ll just have to hope that some random person wants to send me one…or hope that I remember this when I go shopping in the big city and see if I can find one.  Funny thing is, depending on what big city I go to, it’s cheaper to ship one from Ebay.  How sad is that?

Okay, I think that’s my fair share of random thoughts for this week.  Why don’t you go and check out the other people who join on the weekly festivities?


BTW, can you tell that lately as the weeks pass, the mind is becoming more random.  Not to worry, this seems to happen every year as the school year begins to wind down.  This year, it just seemed to have started a few weeks earlier than normal. :)


Although this is more focussed it does seem to fit with my regular Tuesday post since it is rather randomly added.  ;)

I came across this little Tuesday happening from someone’s comment.  I wish I had found it last week, I loved the prompt.  I thought I’d play along this week because it too is a great question.

Top 2 Things You Want to To Before You Die

1. Own a coffee shop/bookshop – Chapter/Indigo, Borders, Barnes and Nobel – only a heck of a lot smaller.  More like “The Shop Around the Corner” ala Meg Ryan in “You’ve Got Mail.”

Perhaps, minus the cheesy princess hat thing.

2. Visit every continent, except Antarctica.  It’s not that I wouldn’t like to go there, but I’m being realistic.  How far am I into this goal?  The count currently stands at…one!  Sad, I know.  I’ve dreams, I just have to make them happen.

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I Was Featured!

How cool is this?   Studio Thirty Plus chose me as their feature blogger this week!  It’s the first time I’ve been featured anywhere. I have to admit, I was smiling and giggle pretty hard when I saw and read that!

And the sun is out today…the temps are supposed to get warmer this week.  All I can say is… ahhhh.

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My Life in Six Words

Holy cow the weekend is here!

Oh my goodness, it’s nice outside.

Just a little relaxing is planned.

Maybe a bit of shopping too.

Only 6.5 weeks until summer break.

Knee hurts, but biking was great!

Man, the house needs a cleaning.

I’m behind in all my marking.

Reports are due in four weeks.

Still too cold to buy plants.

Hubby has a birthday next Friday!

I got a little carried away this week.  I hope you’ll join in on the fun that Cate has put together for us!

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Back In The Day – School Yard Edition

We were chatting in the staffroom the other day about what we were actually able to get away with, for entertainment and education purposes, when we were in school.  Nowadays every is so paranoid that someone will get hurt, be it a scraped knee, a bumped forehead, or worse a broken bone.  Of course, no child goes into an activity thinking they are going to get hurt, the enter the situation thinking that it will be fun and really that is the only train of thought they probably have, in the beginning anyway.

So here are some of the crazy things we used to get away with doing/playing when I was in elementary school.

British Bulldog – a fabulous game and dodge and weave, the eventually ended with someone bashing into someone or through a crowd in hopes of not being caught and forced to join the other “its” in the middle.  Don’t forget that, at least for us, we were running either toward a cement wall or a toward a chainlink fence, either of which was not very forgiving when you run into it at full force trying to avoid the “its.”

Red Rover – how did we not end up with more separated shoulders with this game?  I mean, really running at full force toward a line of people who were doing nothing more than holding hands.  As simple as that may sound, there were always a few who had a death grip in which there was no way to get through and yet, no shoulder damage.  At least not then, I wonder if any of us think back to that game when we are suffering sore, achy shoulders.

Climbing Ropes and Two Inch Mats

We all looked this innocent before we actually tried climbing those ropes.

I have no idea what we were supposed to be learning doing this, but you either loved these ropes are you hated these ropes.  Personally, I hated them, mainly because they were so rough and prickly.  And let’s be honest here, those mats that the teach put underneath, what were they really going to do if you fell from 15-20 feet? Don’t forget about the knot at the bottom.  What was that knot really for?  Let’s be honest, guy or girl, you really didn’t want that knot stopping your descent!

One teacher relayed a story about a classmate who was on the rope when a student grabbed the bottom and started spinning it around and around, until…the student fell off…and didn’t land on the mats.  Needless to say, the student’s arm had a few extra bends in it!

The Trampoline – nowadays trampolines have made a huge comeback, completed with “walls”, spring covers and in some cases sunken areas almost ensuring the only problem you may encounter is a pulled muscle because you just aren’t as flexible as you thought you were.  Not in my day.  We were told to jump higher, flip bigger, all while being “watched” by our classmates, who were expected to be standing their with their hands up, ready to catch us.  Of course, my classmate was going to be able to stop my bouncing body from hitting the floor when I jumped a little to high, flipped a little to big or simply lost my balance and had no where to go but out.  More times than not, this is what you saw…

Yep, those guys are ready to catch me, if need be!

I will also admit, that I LOVED it when the trampoline was brought out of storage for our gym classes.  It only happened a handful of times at most, but they were the best gyms classes ever.

The Climbing Apparatus – I have no idea what this thing was called, nor can I find a picture of one, but this thing was great then and the idea of it scares the crap out of me now.  Can we say liability?!  The one we had was a wood and metal contraption that when not in use folded against the fall.  There were two “walls” to it, that went to the ceiling and “ladders” and bars that were strung between each side.  And yes, those fabulous 2 inch mats, yep, that’s what was on the ground to “catch” us.  It was really like a glorified indoor monkey bar.  I loved this almost as much as I loved the trampoline.

You know what I find the most hilarious in hindsight, but brings me great fear now…the ropes, climbing apparatus and a few other fabulous pieces…we did those as stations.  As in, the teacher was not necessarily paying attention to you when you were climbing 20 feet in the air, with the two inch mat to catch you.  And this was the norm!

How on earth did we survive the 70s and 80s and make it into adulthood when this is what we were doing to entertain ourselves?

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