I have had a blast reading your responses today! My favourite was “an ultrasound picture,” which it is not!  No one here got it right.  And..only one of my students got it.  I gave not clues to my students and yet one did get it.

What you have here…is an ice fishing hole!

What looks like a dryer vent tube (several of you guess that) is actually the striations from the auger cutting through 12 inches of ice.  There is also a bit of ice/snow around the edges of the hole.

Despite the 12 inches, the snowmobiles going by caused the water to raise and fall in the hole and I had a bit of a time walking out to the hole…it was just a bit slushy at shore and I DID NOT LIKE IT ONE BIT!!  I actually called Hubby from shore to find out just how much ice was out there. :)

Leave your guess in my comments? I’m curious as to what you come up with. :)

UPDATE: I’m loving your responses. :D  I will post the answer here on Wednesday evening.  Some of you are pretty close, but no one has guessed it yet.

Your turn…what are you sharing this week?

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