Update: Summer Plans…Around The House

So yeah, it’s November and yes, this was started way back when there were still leaves on the trees, what’s your point?! The sad part, I have had this post mostly written since the end of August, I just haven’t hit the publish button. Since you’re reading this…I obviously finally hit publish.


* paint stool for kitchen

* choose and get counter (FINALLY) installed

* hang curtain in kitchen

* put curtains in dining room back up.

* reclaim the dining room table – it was…for a bit (a day), but I needed it again when the counter got installed

* rearrange spare bedroom

* hang curtains in spare bedroom

* try 10 recipes I’ve pinned - I think I tried two recipes from either Pinterest or a blog, but used the internet for others.

* read more books – I read and finished books (books!) I count that as success!

* rearrange craft/work room

* make new desk for craft/work room

* hang curtain in craft/work room

* put together display case in basement

* put collectibles in said display case

* hang artwork in basement

* reorganize school stuff in basement

put together shelving for school stuff

* go through my crazy big pile of magazines (I don’t know why I keep getting them!) - got through half, so now it’s only a big pile, not a crazy big pile. :)

* paint bedroom

* want to refresh paint in spare bedroom (but we’ll see)

* make quilt for SIL (she doesn’t read this, but she already knows) - fabric is ironed, just need to cut strips and then sew.  I make it sound like I did the hard job! :)

* also make pillow and a potholder for my SIL – fabric is cut and measured…so sort of done.

* upcycle a sweater into a bag or wallet for another SIL

* complete a jelly roll quilt (third pic down- I got the fabric ironed for this too…

I also completed…

* organizing my school stuff on to shelves

* scrubbing the back deck to get rid of the grossness! This took days!

get rid of a trunkful of stuff to the thrift store

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