Looking For The Positive

I’m sounding really repetitive of late.

This week was unexpectedly incredibly hard.

By Friday I had some laughs.

I got an education in couponing.

It really is a true art form!

Great way to end the week!


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  • Linda

    Adventures in couponing! :) Interesting! I confess I am not very good at that. But my husband is very frugal, so we balance out somehow!

    Happy Saturday!

    Hope next week starts out better for you! :)

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  • donetta

    I always have this huge image in my mind of clipping coupons that I only need, passing the rest to others, having them organized, and save quite a bit of money at the checkout line. Then reality kicks in where I do have a duct tape coupon holder my oldest daughter made me in 4-H class last year, crammed full of coupons of things I know I absolutely won’t purchase, and then I get home to discover that something I did purchase, I had a coupon for. The worst is getting to the check out line, proudly laying my coupons beside my items, and the cashier looking a bit tense when he has to say, “Ma’am, these coupons expired in April.” I hope you have a fabulous weekend.